First family of farmers

My family and I moved out west in 2005, shortly before marijuana became legalized everywhere.

Things were really different in the beginning, especially with a dispensary popping up on every street corner.

After the market was flooded with tons of product, the prices seemed to bottom out. I decided it was a good time to try my own hand at growing and cultivating marijuana. I purchased some feminized and autoflowering seeds from a local dispensary. The bag of one dozen seeds was more than $100. I bought all indica seeds, with the exception of a single AK-47 seed. I lost every single one of the first dozen, within the first few weeks. I didn’t know anything about growing or cultivating marijuana, and it was clear that I did not possess a green thumb. I researched a lot of information, before attempting a second round of marijuana plants. Luckily, I learned a lot of information about soil content, fertilization practices, and proper lighting and watering. The second batch went much better, and I ended up saving 8 of 12 plants. Now it’s 10 years later, and my first dozen marijuana plants have turned into a small hydroponic facility. The entire operation is small compared to some of the larger marijuana farms. Still, I grow and sell enough product that the marijuana farm is my full-time job. I love working on the farm, and I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to teach them about our special farming craft. Some people still don’t understand what wonderful benefits marijuana can offer, but with time and education, the world will learn.

Marijuana growth