Growing marijuana in the park

A long time ago, my friends and I decided to grow marijuana in the park. In 1985, growing marijuana was not legal in our country. Still, some of my friends and I thought it would be neat to try growing the plant in our city park. The city park is almost a thousand acres, and there is a pool, bike paths, walking trails, and a giant lake. On the north side of the lake, there is a large area with lush vegetation. Some of the plants are 10 ft high, and it’s impossible to see through the green foliage. My friends and I were playing baseball in the park one time, and we hit the ball into the woods. We couldn’t find the ball for hours. My friends and I knew this was the perfect place to plant our secret stash. During the summer before our junior year, my friends and I planted a few marijuana seeds over by the lake. We marked a tree with a purple X, so we could find our sweet and stinky punch. My friends and I went to the park every few days, so we could check on our flowering beauty. Our parents never questioned us going to the park, and we had a great excuse every time we wanted to check on our marijuana plants. After five months, the plants were almost as big as the palm trees. Our flowers had big giant buds, and it was getting harder and harder to hide the plant. We waited until the middle of the night to harvest our crops. Unfortunately, my friends and I got caught coming out of the woods. A mounted policeman on horseback chased us through the park, and we dropped everything in the water.
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