Cannabis sales training class is actually a good idea

Last Tuesday day, our buddy Joe and I attended a cannabis sales training class… Joe and I job at a cannabis dispensary, both of us have been undoubtedly working there for a couple of weeks. Joe is a budtender, and he is usually walking around the store helping customers. He helps customers opportunity out the best product. He asks questions to determine which type of marijuana will suit your needs. Joe had to acquire a special certification to perform the task, and this license is called a budtender license. The cannabis training class was several weeks, and Joe paid $895 to take the class. In order to complete the certification requirements, each individual must show accurate know-how in a variety of cannabis areas. I usually job behind that counter as a moneyer, because I don’t have a budtender license. The owner of the cannabis dispensary thought it would be a great system for all of us to attend a sales training class. The entire class is a refresher on cannabis education and sales training. I thought it would be an incredibly boring waste of our Tuesday, however the cannabis sales training class was actually a lot of fun. We l acquired about some new medical marijuana strains on the market, and every one of us even had the opportunity to test several new hybrid varieties. At the end of the sales training class, everyone acquired a certificate of completion. I don’t suppose the sales training class was necessary, however I did enjoy trying some of the new hybrid strains available. When they are released next week, I suppose our sales are going to skyrocket.


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