Back up generator goes down and costs us $5,000

I work for a very large commercial supplier of medical marijuana.

We have 12,000 acres of property in the mountainous region. Our main grow room facility is almost 200,000 square feet. We grow, harvest, and cultivate thousands of pounds of medical marijuana each season. At any one time, we have several different greenhouses and grow rooms going at the same time. In order to keep production running smoothly at all times, each one of the grow rooms and medical facilities have a backup generator. The generator is large enough to control the lights, water, and ventilation equipment. Last March, our region was hit by a giant thunderstorm cell. It rained for three days straight, and we lost all power to our Indica grow room. The generator should have automatically come on when the power was out, but it did not work properly. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out that the backup generator didn’t work, until the following day. By that time, the heat and humidity had destroyed our entire harvest. We lost $5,000 worth of seedlings, because the backup generator failed. The owner of the company consulted with the manufacturer, since our generator was still under warranty. The company replaced our equipment with something new. We still have no idea what caused the generator to fail, but the insurance covered all of the damages and profit loss. In the future, rain storms will be monitored more carefully. I thought someone would get fired over the whole fiasco, but maybe it was really a problem with the generator company.

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