Having legal cannabis delivery

The first time I ever tried weed products was through a cannabis delivery service.

My parents didn’t know that I had tried cannabis products, and I know they would flip if they did.

Right after my state legalized recreational marijuana, and a cannabis store popped up close to me, I decided I wanted to try marijuana products and see what the fuss was about. I honestly was curious what stoned feel like, and I did a lot of reading on what to expect. I even had an older friend who was more experienced in legal cannabis products help me. The weed delivery driver seemed normal, and not the shady man in dark coat passing me in secret the marijuana that I had pictured. I realized that was probably something they did when it was still illegal to try marijuana and that legal cannabis delivery didn’t exist. I hid out in my shed and started smoking for the first time. It didn’t take me long to start feeling really giggly and happy. To my surprise my shy and introverted nature seemed to disappear and I became a lot more loud and extroverted and was a lot more willing to talk to people. I had to be careful not to smell though, since marijuana has a very specific smell. Once I was done, I cleaned myself up and went home. From then on, I had so many other secret recreational cannabis delivery services and my parents never found out, although I think they had their suspicions. Even to this day, having legal weed delivery is the way I get most of my cannabis products.

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