Different methods for ordering weed products

There are many different methods in which you can get your weed products.

I am a regular at a popular legal recreational weed store, and I spend most of my weekends there, smoking and trying out their newest cannabis products. While I do love going to the recreational cannabis store, I am a sucker for trying new things, and I wanted something new and different. So, this weekend I skipped the marijuana store and decided to try what online ordering of legal weed products would be like. As I did more research it turns out not only could I technically order cannabis products online, but I could actually have a legal cannabis delivery service to me. Kind of like you would order a pizza. I really liked the idea of weed delivery service, so after I had bought a few different unique kinds of marijuana products online, I decided to try their marijuana delivery service. The delivery driver was painfully slow in delivering, and wasn’t very nice, but I could tell that cannabis delivery had great potential, so I wasn’t going to let one bad experience ruin it for me. I was curious if anyone else in my family had tried marijuana before, as I know that’s not something people would proudly announce to others. So, when I met up with my siblings at a family gathering I asked if they ever thought about going to a legal weed store. Both my sisters denied it, but apparently my brother has been to the same cannabis store I went to! We shared some of our experiences, and while I got a lot of good feelings from marijuana, my brother said it made him hallucinate too much and he stopped trying it.


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