The economy is actually improving with cannabis dispensaries

The times are really changing, kind of like how it says in a famous Bob Dylan song.

It’s quite funny for people our age, the people who used to fight for change on a regular basis, and now fight against it.

Don’t be angry at the Boomers, young people, they undoubtedly don’t really know what they’re doing. There was a time when the people I was with and I were easily young and the people I was with and I wanted positive change all around. Then the people I was with and I get older, the people I was with and I take over the system, and soon enough we don’t want anything to change in the slightest any more. It happened to us, and it will happen to you! Take, for example, the presence of a cannabis dispensary in our little town, which caused quite a bit of controversy at first. Looking back, even though it was merely a few weeks ago, I wonder why I fought the opening of the cannabis dispensary at all. Medical marijuana is easily the law of the land in this state, so there isn’t a legality drawback at all any more. Moreover, the cannabis dispensary is bringing in money from all over the county, not to mention adding more local jobs. Now that the medical marijuana dispensary is up and running it is relatively easy to see that it is nothing but a boon for our local economy. If anything the people I was with and I need more of them in our state! I just learned from the paper yesterday that they are starting a cannabis delivery service, so that people don’t have to risk driving under the influence at all… Over the next week they will be hiring a good amount of cannabis delivery drivers, which will just improve our local economy even more.



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