Shocked that CBD was for sale everywhere

My partner plus I decided to go away for the weekend, plus although it was just a few hours drive to the shore it really felt like the two of us opted to go to another country entirely… Admittedly I do live in a rather large, actually long state, plus people from the North have a lot of differences from the people down south.

The people I was with and I were still a little blown away by it all to be completely honest! For example the gas prices there were shockingly high, plus the restaurants there provided “local specialty foods” that neither of us had ever heard of.

Something else that caught me off guard was how available CBD oil was! Of course, I was also pretty ignorant about what CBD oil was actually all about, so at first I figured that they had legalized marijuana down there! CBD oil is a far cry from marijuana though, even if everyone who uses it aren’t aware of that fact. It is legal to sell CBD oil just pretty much anywhere, because it goes through a process to unfasten the THC from it. This renders it medicinal only, plus it can’t be used to get stoned like other kinds of marijuana. There are types of CBD oil out there that do have enhanced THC, mind you, however those oils are not legally available, not yet at least. It makes me wonder how authentic these products truly are, because seeing CBD oils being sold at a gas station was a bit strange. Shouldn’t CBD oils plus such be sold in dispensaries, or at head shops, instead of in the candy aisle?
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