A quickly growing industry

I have a job working for an online advertising corporation that makes websites for HVAC dealers & marijuana dispensaries, and it just turned out that I handle all the cannabis dispensary accounts. I have always loved dealing with those people way more than HVAC dealers, the HVAC owners tend to be older & don’t understand what SEO is. They are truly demanding and are seemingly always trying to cut corners not to spend our money as much. The marijuana industry is growing extremely fast. The dispensary owners have plenty of money to spend our money for an optimized website, social media & advertising tools. The budtenders are also entirely friendly to talk to on the phone or via email. They are my age and more familiar with what SEO is, however any change I want to make to the website is met with enthusiasm, but one of the clients is truly close to my neck of the woods, but when I went on a trip, I finished making into the dispensary & introduced myself. The cannabis dispensary owner was nice & friendly to me! He offered myself and others a bunch of CBD products, edibles and a wide variety of strains to smoke for half the cost. He then showed myself and others around the recreational dispensary. It was truly clean, professional and stocked very well. I just love finally working in this genre of business. I am hoping our SEO corporation drops the HVAC contracts & only handles cannabis dispensaries. All of us right now do recreational & medical dispensaries. We also deal with cannabis education sites & growing facilities as well. Eventually every one of us will have enough marijuana business that it will be all every one of us need. They are simply way more easy going & usual with the variations in technology.



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