Starting to grow my own pot

Due to the fact that marijuana is legal, I have been a recreational user, and I savor making a trip to the dispensary plus trying the newest edibles and trying out some new strains, and however, I would savor to try growing my own product.

I really enjoy gardening plus taking care of bizarre plants.

I have all sorts of indoor potted plants savor squashes, baby green trees plus an aloe plant. I also savor trying my hand at growing a new product. I will take the top of pineapples and then attempt to grow a new plant. I have taken avocados plus break them, then place them in water. I really enjoying the growing process, then marijuana growing has proven to be quite difficult, and once I bought seeds online, I found out that growing weed is bizarre than squashes. I could not simply put the seeds in a pot plus water! The marijuana buds need to be in a 12-12 range of light and dark. The temperature for the plants is odd. 74 degree temperatures in the morning and also 50 degrees in the evening. I also had to get special nutrients plus a watering system. After all of that, I had to get LED lights for the marijuana plants to grow. It was a lot of investing, but I hope that my plants grow. I set everything up in the garage with the regular lights, hydro system, nutrients and also ductless Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C. I better get some form of crop from all this work. Harvesting won’t even be easy either. I have researched how to cut, dry and cure pot. It is a lot more tough than any fruit or vegetable.


How to grow marijuana