Getting marijuana growing books

My sibling is the worst gift giver in the entire world… Not only does she not know what to give a person, however she waits until the last hour to choice something up, and typically you can tell she bought her gifts in the gas station or picked up something around her house. This year for Christmas my sibling got me for secret santa, and she definitely forgot right until Christmas morning, then all the stores were closed & she had to get me something out of her home, and her wifey honestly works at a facility that designs cannabox containers… Basically first time growers go to their website & design a growing facility. They choice the lights, HVAC, & watering method for the cannabox. They also determine size, style of material & price, and my sibling’s wifey then constructs pieces of the cannabox. He then drives all the pieces over to the job locale & builds it piece by piece in a single morning, and it is honestly pretty neat. Since he is a major part in the marijuana growing operation & modular construction, he has a lot of books on it. My sibling decided to wrap some of his seasoned books for my Christmas. I got a book all about marijuana growing. It starts with purchasing seeds all the way to curing the plants. I got another book on how to grow unique indica & sativa strains. The last book was about the benefits of modular construction. I do not smoke or idea to grow marijuana. I will say though, I am planning to read the books since they seem interesting.

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