Trying to help out my aunt’s heart problems

My aunt Kim is a superintendent with a big school.

Her job requires her to log in long hours and handle many tasks.

Needless to say, she is very stressed all the time. Unfortunately, her side of the family is prone to heart disease. My aunt has always said won’t live very long. Recently she had a heart scare. My aunt woke up having trouble breathing. She was rushed to the emergency room and they literally had to shock her heart to get back in sync. After that scare my aunt is trying to be better to her heart. I have looked up online and it turns out that CBD is used for heart conditions. High blood pressure is a big cause of heart attacks and CBD is linked with lowering it. CBD also is used for anxiety treatment. Using CBD calms a person’s stress and stops the blood from even rising. There were too many good points and statistics to ignore. Cannabis at one time was looked down upon and thought of as a traditional drug. Medical and recreational marijuana is now legal in my state. It took a lot of convincing but I managed to drag my aunt to a recreational dispensary. The shop was very modern and even had a vape lounge to try out the cannabis products. The budtender was excellent and able to see she was uncomfortable. He recommended CBD oil since it is way more discreet and less like a typical drug to take. I am hoping if she continues on the CBD that she will be less of a heart risk.



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