Reducing nausea with cannabis

Bad luck has been running hard through my family.

My mother and I were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time.

While we hate that the other one is suffering, it is nice being able to share stresses, fear and anxiety with the other one. The whole process has helped us to be much closer too. We talk everyday and share with each other what we do that helps us and what doesn’t. The biggest issue with cancer is doing chemotherapy. Chemo messes a person and their body up. The nausea is really what is horrible. My mother has just been enduring the nausea and I have went the cannabis route. I got all the necessary documentation to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. The budtender then peserbriced cannabis products for me to take to reduce the nausea from my chemo. Apparently the main element in marijuana that I need is CBD. I read studies online of cancer patients who take CBD products. The statistics are crazy and hearing people talk about the relief made me take that step. I use a mouth spray to help reduce my nausea and it really does work. I still suffer, but way less than before. I am trying to get my mother to do the same thing I did. She needs to go to a dispensary and get her CBD infused product. She doesn’t want the stigma of going to a dispensary. I have been trying to tell her that the dispensaries look professional, especially the medical ones. It is way more like going to the doctors then visiting a drug dealer.


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