Harvest first, cure next

Cannabis growers must stop and realize the importance of curing their buds after harvest. You already guess when to harvest the buds as well as trim them. Then you must remember to hang them to dry in a cool as well as dry area. When your growing buds are officially dry, then you will need to fill clean glass containers with the dry buds. When you put your buds into these glass containers at first, they get going with the curing process. Technically, the beautiful buds are curing even before they get into the containers, but the actual glass containers allow for better curing. You will want to “burp” all of the glass containers at least once a morning to let out all of the built up humidity that often develops in the containers. In this curing process, the buds release all of the unnecessary chemicals as well as other undesired sugars that are in the buds. The curing process for cannabis will ultimately make your flowers more potent because THCA is being readily converted to THC while I was in this whole process. If you choose to dry your buds too hastily or speedily, this will certainly halt the curing process as well as I promise your buds won’t be nearly as potent. You can cure your beautiful buds for as long as you want, as well as some people say the best cured cannabis buds are cured for around 6 months. Admittedly, everyone won’t probably want to wait that long to have their buds cured, but in general, the longer you can cure the better. Also remember that curing your buds makes the smoke inhalation a good deal smoother. Experienced bud smokers tell me they can definitely tell the difference between well cured bud as well as non-cured bud; Curing is easily the way to go.

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