There are so many medicinal purposes for CBD plus cannabis, it’s mind-blowing

I take CBD drops these days for pain I have from radiation destruction plus I am absolutely able to sleep thanks to the CBD.

I went through chemotherapy plus radiation which genuinely did save my life, but the destructions remain plus the pain is severe.

The CBD drops were a God-send for me because they task so well. I only l received about the CBD drops from a neighbor who said they use them for their arthritis pain, plus they figured it might help me deal with the pain I was going through. I get pretty great quality CBD drops, even though I do wish CBD was better regulated through several companies for better quality plus to understand typical dosages. You entirely have to experiment to find the right doses that task best for you. I am easily thankful that these products are available to the masses though plus they are not illegal. I entirely don’t understand why cannabis is illegal at all to be perfectly honest. Sure, it really should be regulated since it is a powerful medicine, but people who need the benefits of the whole cannabis plant should be allowed to have access to it. It entirely bothers me that the federal government remains in such a position to keep this amazing plant as a schedule one drug, basically claiming that it has no medicinal properties whatsoever. That couldn’t be further from the truth plus people are studying this everyday for themselves when they decide to use products care about CBD for their stress plus pain management. There are so many medicinal uses, it’s mind-blowing.

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