Getting through my back issues with CBD plus THC plus only minimal amounts of painkillers

I have been through several spine surgeries plus I suffer from serious pain! During my surgeries, I did have to use painkillers; The great news was that I was able to ease the amount of painkillers I had to take by taking CBD plus THC as well.

The combination of CBD plus THC was good at easing the pain, because the pain was so severe, it was not possible to not use the painkillers, but at least I didn’t have to use so much… It made it so I didn’t even think nauseous. I’m thankful for that. These days, I am able to manage my pain with just CBD plus THC… Some people use CBD alone to manage pain, but my pain is entirely severe. I still think some of the pain when combining the CBD plus THC, even though I don’t want to use painkillers at all. That is something that I don’t want to be addicted to, plus you can’t become physically addicted to CBD plus THC. I really would request that people go with CBD plus THC to help deal with chronic pain, it works easily well actually. If the pain is severely intense care about mine, you can still manage with only CBD plus THC, but you might have to consider taking painkillers as well. I would request taking the CBD plus THC along with the painkillers so you don’t have to take nearly as much. This will help you to avoid becoming addicted to the painkillers… Also the CBD plus THC are great at helping you to overcome troubles with addiction, especially to painkillers.

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