Getting help from the marijuana

Ever since I was injured in a car accident I have been looking for new pain relief remedies.

My car accident was horrible and left me with many broken bones.

I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, so I went to the doctor to try it out. I had never used recreational marijuana and wasn’t sure what to expect. After I got my medical marijuana card I went to a local dispensary to ask them about their options. I really don’t like the idea of smoking, so the budtender there recommended that I try some edibles. He showed me his menu and I decided to try some of the pot brownies. He explained to me that the strain was OG kush and that it would really help with my pain relief. As someone that has never tried a medical marijuana edible, I was a little bit skeptical but I was willing to give it a shot. After trying the edible I was amazed at how much pain relief it provided me. After waiting an hour or two for the pot brownie to kick in, I was in another world! I now have medical marijuana delivered to me every week, and I can’t tell you how many pot brownies I have tried. The dispensary also offers CBD, so I think I will be checking that out next time as I don’t always want to feel high from the pot brownies. I am much happier using medical marijuana than I ever was with addictive painkillers.

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