Mini farm

Medical marijuana has been legal in our state for five years, and my wife and I have a medical marijuana card.

The card allows us to grow a certain number of medical marijuana plants.

Both my wife and myself can have eight plants each, and those plants can produce a significant amount of flowers. On a full harvest day, we can get 2 pounds of flower for every plant. My wife and I ordered our seeds online, from a distributor that let us pick the specific strains. My girlfriend and I chose OG Kush, Orange Kush, and Chocolate Kush. Our first batch of marijuana plants didn’t go so well. I think they got too much sun, because they were dry and shriveled. They never made it past ten inches. The next time my wife and I bought marijuana seeds, we decided to try one strain at a time. We purchased a pack of Blueberry Kush seeds. We only planted four seeds in the beginning, so we could closely watch each one of the plants. We kept the plants in our closet for the first three months, and moved them to the sunroom after that. We kept artificial lights on all the time, and even fed them a special diet for marijuana plants. Though our first batch of marijuana plants died, our second batch survived and thrived. My wife and I ended up with three pounds of blueberry kush after the first harvest. Throughout the process, my wife and I learned a lot about gardening, plant cycles, and lighting. The dispensary prices can be insane, so I’m glad we finally figured out how to harvest our own medical marijuana.


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