You can’t refill whenever you want

I had to deal with an irate client this afternoon and I almost lost my temper.

It’s entirely the closest that I have ever come to screaming at a customer. She was screaming in my face and calling me terrible names. I don’t usually have shoppers that are mean or unhappy. That is 1 of the best perks of being the employer at a medical marijuana dispensary. Most people coming to the medical marijuana shops are in a great mood. This client was upset because she filled her entire prescription of medical marijuana 5 nights earlier. She came back to the store and wanted to buy more medical marijuana. One of the budtenders tried to tell her that she did not have authorization to buy any more medical marijuana. There is a state law and she already purchased the legal amount that she is allowed to have by state law. When the budtender would not change her mind. She then demanded to speak with the manager. I came out of the office partway through the conversation. I heard some of the yelling and shouting. I politely asked the client to calm down and carefully explained how her medical marijuana prescription works and the limitations. You can only buy so much of it, just like any other controlled substance. I don’t make those rules or regulations. When she refused to listen, the security guard had to escort her out of the store. I hate to forcibly remove someone from the shop, but she was starting to cause a scene.



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