Glad I get the week off

I constantly look ahead to the weekend.

  • Those are the nights that I have off work.

I have been the employer of a marijuana dispensary for 3 years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the lowest rung as a front desk clerk and I worked at the cannabis dispensary for 2 years before I got promoted to a management spot. I only have the weekends off because I have a very competent assistant manager that can handle any problem that comes up. I’m legitimately lucky that she was available and wanted to work in the medical marijuana field. She is a good buddy of mine from college and she recently moved to the area. When she said she was looking for a job, I knew she would be the right addition to the marijuana dispensary team. She’s great at doing many different jobs and delegating tasks. She also uses and grows marijuana too. Honestly, she was the perfect addition to the dispensary crew. I’m looking forward to my next weekend off, because I have plans with my best friend and her kids. We are going to spend the whole weekend together for the first time. It’s a massive step in our relationship and I am scared. I’ve only met the kids a few other times in the past. In three nights, we are going to the mountains and spending the whole weekend camping and fishing. I am sure we will have fun, but I am still worried, anxious, and hoping it goes well.

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