Waiting on them opening back up

The cannabis dispensary that I use needs to open backup soon

I was truly upset about my cannabis dispensary being closed for the coronavirus issue. I loved going there to purchase marijuana edibles, space cake, pot brownies, as well as other kinds of edibles. I use recreational marijuana, although I also own a medical marijuana card so that I can get it whenever I want to. I really appreciate using a vape now that I have it. It was something that I waited a while to get, and I wasn’t even sure if using a vape would do the trick for me. However, ever since I got the cannabis vape, I don’t usually even bother with buying edibles at all. Honestly, the taste of the edibles is kind of icky to me. I have tried CBD oil, cooking oils, sprays, butters and gummies with THC and I don’t really like them. I just don’t like the taste of marijuana edibles. But all that is fine now, because there are so several up-to-date marijuana products coming out on the market so quickly. I can try new things all the time as well as chances are that I will one day be able to find some sort of marijuaa edible that I like. For now, though, I know I will just keep on using the vape that I got several months ago. I couldn’t get any refills at the time during the shutdown, though. The cannabis dispensary that I use needs to open backup soon. I am getting desperate here. They need a cannabis delivery service.


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