Using cannabis oil was smart

Before last week, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a marijuana oil pen.

I had never heard of that kind of thing before.

I only thought that there were rolled joints that you could smoke as well as pipes, bongs and edibles. So the whole concept of a marijuana oil pen was wild and new to me. However, I have really been dealing with a hell of a lot of stress lately as well as I needed something to help calm me down. I hate the thought of taking any prescription drugs. So I then looked up the benefits of medical marijuana I thought that they sounded all great. Of course, marijuana does tend to make you feel like you need to eat more than what is expected, so I’m a little bit concerned about gaining weight while I use cannabis oil. Other than that, there are no side effects at all that I have seen, as well as my stress as well as anxiety is doing a heck of a lot better. I hardly notice my anxiety anymore when I take a few hits of the oil pen each night. I truly wish that my local doctors had told me about medical marijuana years ago, but I know that they don’t get paid for doing that. Pharmaceutical companies pay a ton, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Anyway, marijuana is the way to go in my situation when it comes to managing stress as well as anxiety. I’m truly glad that I decided to try it out.

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