Relying on marijuana to help with Alzheimer's

My nana has had bad Alzheimer’s ever since she has gotten older.

Sometimes she would have up to a dozen times a day where she didn’t know where she was as well as it truly affected her quality of life.

I had tried all unusual kinds of medications that the nurses proposed, but nothing truly helped with Alzheimer’s with my nana. Then my sibling took her to a different nurse that they had never seen before as well as he was all about trying other sorts of different things. One of the things that he proposed using to try as well as help stop the Alzheimer’s effects was CBD oil. Apparently, CBD oil helps to calm down the part of the brian that is responsible for causing Alzheimer’s. At first, my sibling was hesitant to try it because of the stigma that has typically comes with marijuana in any form. But then he did some research on the different types of CBD oil that exist as well as he realized that CBD oil is entirely the best thing on earth that’s around for our nana to use. My brother immediately went to the nearest cannabis dispensary to buy the new style of CBD oil for our nana. The employees at the cannabis dispensary were super helpful in finding exactly the right cannabis edibles for the issues. Since she’s an older lady, she can’t exactly use a vape pen or anything like that, but cannabis edibles are the best way for her to get the needed CBD oil into her system. After she had been using CBD oil for just a couple of days, every one of us already started to notice a difference in her Alzheimer’s.

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