This new job is a big time upgrade

I finally have a very cool job with benefits appreciate dental, vision, in addition to medical, i have afternoons that are paid for sick time, holidays, in addition to even on holidays.

I also am able to get some discounts on products in addition to supplies.

I have a fun, rewarding, in addition to exciting job working at a medical marijuana place. I’ve been working here for the past three or four weeks, and despite the fact that things have been great, however my boss in addition to the management staff are stretchy, honest, in addition to friendly! The site has a super chilled atmosphere. My friends in addition to I applied to the same medical marijuana facility, when the two of us went for an interview, we later discovered we needed to have a special budtender license. The corporation provided to hold this class for no charge as long as applicants provided up 2 Saturday mornings. My friends didn’t want to give up an early morning at the beach. They made a lot of remarks about getting up after a long evening of gatheringing. To be real with you, I absolutely needed a better work, so it was a fantastic decision. I told my friends they were crazy to give up the opportunity. I attended both of the budtender training classes in addition to finished the course by receiving my budtender license certificate, but even if I leave this site, I still have the training and smarts to work in any other medical marijuana facility. There are a lot of sites around the country that have recreational in addition to medical marijuana legalized and that absolutely opens up a lot of chances for me. My friends are still working evening time works at the bar in addition to the diner, in addition to I finally believe like I have a big boy job.

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