No better job than delivering for a cannabis dispensary

Let me tell you a little something that you absolutely already probably know based on common sense. When you are out at a club or a celebration, chatting up someone appealing, as well as they ask you what you do for work, do not tell them you actually deliver sandwiches! Men as well as ladies, gay as well as straight, young or old, nobody is ever impressed that you are a food delivery monkey. This will basically guarantee you don’t get an actual phone number. The answer is not to lie about it or be incredibly dishonest, however to simply have a better work position. In my case, I went from delivering sandwiches as well as now delivery for a cannabis dispensary. There is a whole world of difference, and not just in tips, because cannabis purchasers tend to tip a whole lot, however also in the overall status of the work position. Working in a cannabis dispensary is not only a great work position, however a genuinely sought after work position. I’d say on any given week about half of my cannabis dispensary purchasers ask me about how they can get hired at a local cannabis dispensary. When I go out for drinks these days I can’t wait to tell people what I do for a living, because people seem to be amazed by these new cannabis dispensaries that are cropping up everywhere. They also expect me to be knowledgeable about various marijuana strains, as well as the legality of cannabis legalization, as well as usually I play along as well as act like I truly know what I’m talking about. To be honest, getting hired on at the cannabis dispensary is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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