Nobody said this line of work would be easy

I recently lost a whole crop of marijuana recently for a stupid mistake, first, I could have simply gotten a cannbox bin plus been done with it, a cannabox bin is set up by professional marijuana growers, and i could ask for the lights, Heating, Ventilation & A/C, water, plus ventilation I would like to have.

Then an actual marijuana cultivation business does the growing facility design with the perfect equipment for the job.

Its safe to say that I messed up. Rather than doing that, I had our own building constructed and picked up all the device I thought I needed. I had our own marijuana grow room design. I was stupid plus did not reserach. I got a building that is very long, however with short ceilings. I am only 5 feet 3 inches tall, there is almost zero need for 7-8 foot ceilings, but why waste all that space plus spend more cash? I thought I was being smart only having ceilings around numerous feet. I guess that my money making method is costing me a whole lot. I bought HID lights for the marijuana. These lights are excellent for the growing process and making an extremely efficient product. The problem is that HID lights get entirely hot and then in turn, burn the product. I recently lost an entire crop of pot due to burns, then every plant was burned beyond service plus I have to start from the very beginning. In order to stop this from happening again I need to raise the HID lights. They really should be on much higher ceilings! But I have short ceilings; So now I am looking at buying all new, less powerful lighting because I ended up going cheap on a short building.

Cultivation facility design