No more seizures for my son, thanks to CBD

My eight year old child is prone to having seizures… There were complications when he was born and as a result, seizures are a constant stressor in his life.

There is not a whole lot that you can do for it, i worry most of the time that my boy is going to end up hurting himself and have a shortened life due to his problems, then online suggested trying cannabis to lessen the amount of seizures and their severity. I was not wanting to have my ten year old smoking dope though! Who knows what might happen to him. I know care about introducing that drug into his method could screw around with his developing brain. I did find something in the cannabis industry I am hoping to try though, CBD. CBD is not similar to smoking a joint and getting high. The cannabinoids are the fantastic space of the marijuana plant that lessens anxiety, depression and should help seizures out. I went to a recreational dispensary and told the budtender my long list of problems. I did not want anything too harsh and too much care about a drug for my youngest. The budtender was genuinely good at explaining the wonders CBD can do and what products are infused with it. I picked up some cooking oils with CBD and CBD infused gummies. The cooking oil was a surprise. The man working there told me that basically anyone can benefit from CBD. If I have pain, trouble sleeping or depression it would be an amazing way to take it. I know I might try a little of the oil in our foods. I hope CBD ends up working for us.

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