Working with cannabis leads to realization of cannabis career

A few years back, our neighbor Bobby plus his bestie made the choice to spend a few weeks on a pot farm far from their hometown.

They were friends with the owners of the farm from Bobby’s seasoned job as a barista at a coffee shop in his hometown.

He made a bunch of friends from this job, plus it took him places. From Portland to Columbia plus back to HI, Bobby was able to see a sizable portion of the world plus make some cash by doing so… Bobby traveled to the West Coast to learn how to grow marijuana. It didn’t matter that he had no experience, his neighbor who got him the job knew of his amazing work ethic from the job they shared as baristas. When he finally got to where he was going, he made the choice he was going to learn everything he could about growing marijuana. He was on this spectacular farm for 6 months plus learned a good amount of knowledge about growing marijuana. He had never had an interest in this type of agriculture until he came to visit the farm plus realized that it was more of an artform than anything else. He used his time to talk to the biologists about the most brilliant ways to get these plants to grow greater plus healthier. He did not imagine that there was such a large amount of science involved in the process of growing marijuana. Bobby’s short time on this farm led him to the realization that this is something he wanted to be involved in on a much higher level. Bobby decided to travel the world with his bestie to understand the history of marijuna growing.


Cannabis growth