A little time working with cannabis turns into an excellent career choice

A couple of years ago, my buddy Ted as well as his husband made the choice to spend a few weeks on a pot farm far from their hometown.

They knew the owners of the farm from Ted’s past job as a barista at a Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop in his hometown! He made numerous friends from this job, as well as it took him to a number of fascinating places.

From Portland to Columbia as well as back to HI, Ted was able to see many places in the world as well as make some extra currency by doing so. Ted went to the West Coast to learn how to grow marijuana. Regardless of his lack of experience, his friend who got him the job knew of his excellent work ethic from the job they shared as baristas. When he finally got to where he was trying to go, he decided he was going to learn everything he could about growing marijuana plants. He was on this reputable farm for 6 months or so as well as was able to learn all kinds of things about growing marijuana. He had never had an interest in this type of agriculture until he visited the farm as well as came to see that it was more of an artform than anything else. He used his free time to speak with the biologists about the smartest ways to get these plants to grow greater as well as healthier. He did not imagine that there was so much science entangled in the process of growing marijuana. Ted’s short time on this farm made him realize that he wanted to be involved on a higher level. Ted traveled the world with his husband to gain a better understanding of the history of marijuna growing.

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