Deciding to purchase CBD oil to help with sleep

I have been having trouble sleeping lately.

As I get older and menopause causes hot flashes all night, I can barely get four hours in.

I have tried better sheets, high quality pillows and installing a window AC device. I still struggle to sleep comfortably throughout the night. I am desperate at this point. A buddy of mine told me about CBD oil. She said that the cannabis plant has been known for doing all sorts of amazing things. CBD can help get rid of back, neck and all over inflammation. CBD can help with anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress. What do you know, CBD has been known to be extremely helpful as a sleep aid. Cannabis, pot or marijuana, no matter the name has a connotation. As a woman in my 50s, it seemed sort of weird to get CBD oil. After researching online though, I realize it is not as big of a deal as I thought. THC is the chemical in cannabis that gets you high. Just extracting the CBD only gives you the benefits because it is not a psychoactive. I also don’t have to find a dealer or walk into a cannabis dispensary. I found that I can purchase CBD oil right online. I looked around and found it on amazon. All the reviews discouraged me from getting it in this offshoot site. Apparently the oil is actually hemp oil, not CBD. It is not as powerful and won’t assist with sleeping. I will need to purchase it for almost double the cost at an actual online cannabis dispensary site.

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