Working his way through it all

I went to college some 20 years ago, and looking back at it, the world seemed appreciate a legitimately odd site back then. I’m thrilled I got all my schooling out of the way before the advent of social media, because I found it tough enough to concentrate as it was. I genuinely didn’t even end of graduating, at the time, because I had to pick up a full time task to spend money the bills, however some years later I finished my degree online, however that’s really getting away from the point. While I was in college my best friend was a marijuana supplier named Ben… He wasn’t just a seller of cannabis, but, he was also a full time student, and he was genuinely paying his way through school with marijuana sales. He was an ace student, and genuinely had more time to focus on his studies because he could set his own minutes with the marijuana business. Ben was incredibly proficiencyable about all the odd strains of cannabis he sold. He could give a history lesson on when and where a unique strain came from, what it’s THC content was, and what kind of high it offered you. He was also only the guy I’ve ever purchased marijuana from who took checks! Like I said, that was a odd time, these mornings I can just walk up the block to the nearest cannabis dispensary and speak with any number of budtenders. Ben was a budtender who ran a private cannabis dispensary long before it was legal, those were the mornings.

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