I was a late bloomer when it came to cannabis education

I was always a straight arrow kid, all the way through the end of high university, and it wasn’t that I never had a opportunity to “cut bad” so to speak, I just chose not to.

I knew that university was in my future, in addition to university was the locale to experiment with new things. What was the rush, was my thinking, so I never even drank a heineken until the night of my graduation. I am really happy I waited, because high university was enough of a minefield to navigate, even with a clear head, but once I left new home in addition to went away to university I tried cannabis for the first time, in addition to to say it changed my life is an understatement, but did you assume that marijuana has a muting effect on your dreams? I’m not saying you don’t dream after you smoke marijuana, because the two of us all dream, it is a single of the natural (if unexplained) functions of the brain, then but when you properly smoke cannabis it quiets your dreams, in addition to makes them a lot harder to remember the next day, then all my life I suffered from night terrors, sleep walking, in addition to the like, so this side effect of smoking marijuana was such a blessing for me. I do not smoke marijuana all day every day, of course, because I have a full course load plus a part time job. But every night when it’s time to relax, when my studies are done, I fire up some Indica strains, or maybe I will choose some Sativa strains, in addition to I will smoke myself into a blissful sleep.

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