Trying to get CBD oil for my pain from tumbling

All my life I have done gymnastics. When I was a kid I would barely stretch and get right to tumbling. As an adult I need to be more careful. I stretch longer and more often. I also only focus on one area of my body per day. Even doing this, I still have pain. My body is not meant to arch, split and straddle in those directions anymore. I also go a little too hard when I focus on a skill. I have knee, back and hip pain and I am only in my 30s. I am not willing to give up tumbling though. I have been looking for pain management medicines and treatments. The only thing that sounds decent to me is taking CBD. There is a CBD oil that a person can take once a day to help with pain management. You just take a few drops before going to bed. All the reviews I have read on CBD are positive. Yes the oil does come from the cannabis plant. However, the oil doesn’t contain THC, so there is no fear of the high feeling. Even knowing this, I don’t want to purchase the oil from a cannabis dispensary. I don’t want to be associated with cannabis and people making assumptions about me. I have been trying to find the oil online and I am having difficulty due to the restrictions in my state. The closest thing I can find is hemp seed oil. All the reviews are less than ehtusicasic about the result. The oil is too watered down to do anything for pain.


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