Medical marijuana doesn’t deserve that stigma

My mother’s opinions are very dated and she is unwilling to change.

One of the biggest things we fight about is cannabis.

To my mother cannabis is a gateway drug and you might as well do heroin while you’re at it. Only people without jobs smoke cannabis. Going to a cannabis dispensary would be like taking her to a porn shop. She is unwilling to hear about the good cannabis can do. There are now medical marijuana shops popping up all over my area. The dispensaries are not shady looking at all too. A medical mairjuaua dispensary is set up a lot like a medical office. The patient needs to get the proper documentation in order to see a budtender. Then they literally make an appointment, sit in a waiting room and go in a doctor’s room to get their prescription for cannabis. The budtender has training and recommends a product to help the patients struggle. Cancer, PTSD, seizures and even pain is managed by a little bit of cannabis. There are too many good points and success stories to ignore in my opinion. My mother will not be swayed at all. She thinks that the people who end up smoking cannabis end up addicted, which is not even remotely true. I have found CBD infused products before. I am tempted to have her try one of the products without her knowledge. The CBD could help her pain and she would not even know it. My mother would undoubtedly freak out if I did that to her though.
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