I love saving money by growing my own cannabis flowers

When I went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time, I was really happy with all the cannabis products that were available.

I tried a few of the cannabis flowers and edibles, but I was a little bit disappointed with the cost of all these cannabis products. That’s when I started talking with a buddy of mine who told me that he grows his own cannabis plants. He said that anybody could grow cannabis plants in their own home just by making a growing room. When I told my buddy that I definitely didn’t have enough space in my home to make a growing room, that’s when he told me that I could just grow my cannabis products in a small closet. So I decided to make a little grow cabinet for a few cannabis plants. Because of the lack of space, I was quick to put the cannabis plants into the flowering stage so they could start producing buds right away. They typically call this a sea of green setup because you are forcing young plants to mature early and they don’t grow very tall, but produce a good amount of bud still. I thought this was an excellent way to get my cannabis flower without having to pay such a large amount of money at the cannabis dispensaries. I am truly thankful to my buddy for teaching me that this could be done in a very small growing cabinet. I might decide to get a small growing tent somewhere down the road so that I can grow some more cannabis strains that I really enjoy.
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