Hoping the CBD will solve my brother’s depression

My brother Mike has always been a little messed up. When we were kids he was the one doing dangerous stunts and getting into trouble. After our parent’s divorce he started doing drugs. My brother then upped and upped the amount and severity of the drugs. We have finally gotten him clean, but my brother suffers from depression. My sister is all over me that we need to take him to a doctor. She wants him to pop some pills and be heavily medicated. Did you know anti-depressants actually make you depressed when you first take them? My brother also was a pill popper. The last thing he needs is more pills. I figured there had to be something different to help with his depression. Working out, reading or even taking a hobby could help. I wanted something that was a little more medically effective. Online I found that cannabis is used to treat depression. At first I was worried about getting marijuana to my brother. For starters giving a drug addict drugs seems dumb. Also cannabis is illegal in our state. I then found that what treats depression is CBD in cannabis. If you just get the CBD, there is no THC content. You get all the good without the high feeling. I could even get CBD infused products that are safer like gummies. I think I might have him try this out and see if it helps. If he won’t take the gummies he also can smoke the plant in order to get effects. Maybe he would like that.

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