Finding the right CBD product to treat arthritis

My father has been suffering from arthritis for a long time now.

I have looked up help online and mainly stuck to natural remedies. One thing that helps is eating gin soaked raisins. My father then has less stiffness in his hands and knees after eating a bunch. The problem is that he has to eat so many and every single day. My father hates the taste of gin. I asked around to see if anyone had a better way to treat arthritis. A buddy of mine highly recommended CBD that comes from the cannabis plant. At first I thought my buddy was suggesting I go to a cannabis dispensary, get my dad some dope and then he smokes it. Thankfully CBD is the non high portion of cannabis and can be purchased online or at a dispensary. Also there are tons of CBD infused products like cakes, cookies, butters and oils. I started out getting my father the CBD oil. It seemed the easiest and was the lowest cost option. My father really hated the taste of the oil. I tried hiding it in tea, coffee and food. He always could detect it and refused to take it anymore. I am now looking at a cannabis oil pen. My father is a big pipe smoker. The oil pen is a very small vape device. It will give him a similar feeling to smoking a pipe and it is getting the CBD in him without the foul taste. I am hoping this works and finally gets rid of his pain. Some of the oil pens are quite pretty too.

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