Finding a solution for my anxiety during meetings

For my job I have to attend a lot of meetings where I get up and speak with potential clients.

Public speaking has always been a source of anxiety for me.

As I have gotten older, my anxiety has gotten worse. I get sweaty, upset and where I can hardly stand up to do it anymore. I was worried about getting fired or getting demoted with a pay cut. I needed to keep attending client meetings without freaking out. At first I went to a doctor to get medication to help my anxiety. The issue is the medication side effects. I could hardly sleep at night after taking my medication. Then I was drowsy and agitated all throughout my work day. I traded one problem for another. I was desperate to fix the issue. Desperate enough that I went to a cannabis dispensary to see if there was a product for me. I was happy to see that the dispensary was classy, clean and modern looking. The budtender was extremely well informed and nice. It felt nothing like a drug deal. It was way more professional than I thought. The budtender told me that CBD would solve my anxiety issues. He sold had all types of marijuana products and finally sold me on simple CBD oil. I just take a few drops the morning before I do a speech. The rest of the day I feel calm and easy going. The CBD oil was not cheap, but I would have given my right arm for the cure to my anxiety.