CBD oil for neck pain after a car accident

The taste is gross, but the results make it worth it

I was in a really bad car accident about three months ago. My neck got all messed up and I could barely function. I could hardly sleep due to the pain. Working out was just about impossible and sitting at my desk at work was not easy. I tried all sorts of things to fix my neck. I went to the doctors, a chiropractor and got a massage. I also tried different foods and remedies that are said to relieve pain. Nothing did the job for me. I was worried that for the rest of my life I would be in pain and I would be fat due to not working out. I was complaining one day at work and a co-worker recommended getting CBD at a dispensary. Apparently CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that does all the good things for the body. People suffering from nausea and pain need CBD in order to get through life. I looked around online and found lots of CBD products. I could get a vape like device and smoke it. I could have a brownie, cake or cookie with the CBD. There are even flours and butters with CBD. I am not a smoker and the last thing I wanted was more fat in my body. CBD oil was a match made in heaven. The bottle doesn’t look like a pot product at all. I buy it discreetly online and only take a few drops before bed. The taste is gross, but the results make it worth it. My neck hurts less and I have more range of motion. I have thought about upping how much I take.



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