CBD can be used to treat acne

CBD oil stops the sebaceous gland cells from secreting lots of sebum

Every kid in middle and high school suffers from a few breakouts. When I was a kid I had the worst in school. As an adult, the acne is supposed to go away. Well I am in my 30s and I still struggle with acne. I did everything that was recommended to me. I did clean and clear, neutrogena, and proactive. I also changed my pillow cases, ate less greasy foods and put toothpaste on the break outs. Nothing fixed my issue. I thought I was forever going to be cursed looking like I’m 13. I then found online that CBD in the cannabis plant actually reduces inflammation in the skin. If I still had the bumps, but they were less red, that would be an improvement with my situation. So I went to a local dispensary and through the recommendation of a budtender, purchased a cannabis oil pen. The pen is a vape like device that you smoke the CBD. It was sleek and classy looking. I also wanted to avoid edibles with fat and sugar. I eat very clean to help my skin. After I purchased my cannabis pen, I looked online for more information. Turns out acne can be caused by being too oily. What makes a person oily is the sebaceous gland secreting. Sounds really gross and this is apparently what caused my acne. CBD oil stops the sebaceous gland cells from secreting lots of sebum. Combine this with the anti-inflammatory actions and my skin is crystal clear. I have never felt so good about my skin.


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