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There was an time early on in American history when Local farmers were required to grow cannabis.

Hemp was used to make starting sails, rope, as well as clothing.

Even in certain states, hemp was often used for legal tender. Then much later when there was a lot of immigration coming upwards from Mexico, along with them came recreational use of Cannabis which apparently was popular with the immigrants. They called it marijuana at the time as it was a popular Mexican slang term for Cannabis. With the increasingly growing racial tensions, they started to attach crimes with the use of this mysterious marijuana as well as Mexican people. There was a rising fear that the substance, Marijuana substance, was dangerous as well as made people go crazy after use. Eventually more than 2 states outlawed marijuana as well as all the rest where soon to follow. Then came the reefer madness movement which effectively did the track and resulted in marijuana becoming illegal in 1937. This legal action resulted from a popular film that demonized cannabis making it seem that reasonable people went deranged as well as became violent. Later studies showed, of course, that there was zero truth to these claims, yet the established laws continued to be made to enforce strict non-use of Cannabis, and regardless of the research, people who wanted to use Cannabis still used it regardless of facing the harshly extreme penalties as well as mandatory sentences. It is no huge secret that people of color have been the most targeted for illegal Cannabis use. This week with legalization, more than 2 million people are able to grow their own Cannabis now as well as use this Kylie valuable medicine for their particular needs. Hopefully Cannabis becomes legal worldwide very soon so all of us can end this deranged war on this lovely plant.
Cannabis farming