earning an extra buck

When I first started dedicated Lane growing Cannabis on my own, I didn’t even think about the possibility of money that could be made from it.

It was perfectly legal to grow our own crop of Cannabis when they made recreational Cannabis legal.

It regularly annoyed me before because a plant being incredibly illegal seems legitimately ridiculous. Now the government is making a drastic and deranged amount of money through legalization by taxing the hell out of the products. I was told at the Cannabis Dispensary down the street that they tax it 3 times plus that’s why the products they sell are so pricey. This is what led me to growing my own cannabis plants, so that I could save some money. The thing is, I realized the whole growing of Cannabis plants came naturally to me because all my life I’ve regularly been sizable into growing plants. I love growing Gardens of tomatoes, peppers, strawberrys, flowers, plus other plants, however money people regularly compliment me with how fantastic my little house looks because of all my flowers plus other attractive plants driving in my backyard, little do everyone think that I have my indoor Cannabis garden inside the house as well. I take special care making sure that the plants are consistently nurtured with the right nutrients, temperature control, water, fertilizer plus everything else they could need. I am regularly sitting and admiring my plants also because I have a special attachment. I guess that when you purposely send loving thoughts to your plants, they do even better than regular plants that don’t get that type of treatment. It must work, when I harvest my plants, I get some of the finest buds I have ever had in my life. I occasionally let friends try my buds plus then they wanted to purchase my extra buds from me. Word has spread plus now with every Harvest I make some pretty nice side money which helps me a lot.



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