Always calm thanks to cannabis

The most laid back and patient guy I know is our father, he has regularly been calm and relaxed as far back as I can remember… I know he is a large fan of Cannabis, and I can totally say that this is a large section of the reason why he is that way.

He says that I can’t use Cannabis until I am at least 18 years old and I’m one hundred percent fine with this.

I do look forward to trying it eventually to see what it’s all about. This guy tells me that it’s perfectly healthy despite what the government has said about it as the years go by when it stayed completely illegal. He regularly told myself and others that it should have never been made illegal in the first locale, and it was done for all the wrong reasons. It’s a bit wild, even when our mother decides to yell at our father for whatever reasons, he just listens to his and hears his out and attempts to solve the fight in the most calm sort of way, however even to a particular degree, I am a little bit like that. Despite that if any human being is yelling in our face, I will usually yell back. I know I get that from our mother, however my mother doesn’t use Cannabis though and he legitimately doesn’t like when our father goes to the Cannabis dispensary to get his favorite Cannabis strains. He also uses CBD products once or twice per day. This guy says CBD works great for his sore muscles and back pain. It also relieves his stress and anxiety, and I imagine there must be a lot of that with what he has to deal with coming from our mother.



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