Strange sight at the farmers market earlier today that I can’t shake!

I came across some certainly unusual imagery that bothered me.

My family is about as straight-laced as it gets.

Drinking, gambling, and smoking were not acceptable forms of behavior where I came from, but I get that not everyone is like me. Anyhow, I traveled to the Midwest to visit my cousin, who had always been a bit on the laid-back side. He was certainly into living an organic life, which I was mostly okay with since he wasn’t really hurting anyone. When he proposed that we head to the farmers market early on a Wednesday morning, I thought that sounded like an enjoyable trip. I figured, we could possibly pick up some fresh fruits as well as a few vegetables. I was entirely excited about going! When we arrived though, I saw that it was a very different kind of farmers market. I did not see any stands that had vegetables. Instead, there were rows of tents set up, and people were selling different forms of cannabis! I knew that marijuana was legal in the state where he lived, though I had no idea just what the extent of its legal status was. They just sold it out in the open! He kind of chuckled at me, saying that most people are shocked by the sight when they first see it. He explained that he knew several of the local marijuana farmers, and so he tried to to support their business. It dawned on me that my cousin was a person who used recreational marijuana, which I wasn’t expecting! As wild as it was to see, I enjoyed being there and learning about the “taboo” crop.
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