My broker had a cutting edge investment opportunity for me.

I have always been someone who has enjoyed living life on the edge. I have a high-risk job as a crane operator, I take vacations where I can go mountain climbing or rapid water rafting, and I’m always up for a challenge. Unfortunately, I like taking the same type of risk with my investments. My broker is constantly reminding me that I’m supposed to be saving for retirement but the way I see it I have at least another 40 years before I do that. He always tends to err on the side of caution so I was surprised when he called me the other day with an investment opportunity he thought would be of interest to me. I’m not sure if you understand how penny stocks work but these are companies that are high risk and have recently become publicly traded so many of them don’t offer any dividends and in many cases you could lose your money as fast as you invest it. So when he called me about a new pharmaceutical marijuana farm that was going to be traded suggesting that I should invest I was shocked. He said that the growing interest in marijuana was worth looking at. Before I invested I started looking online to see about some of the firms that were already publicly traded. Many of them fell into the high-risk category so I needed to decide if I was willing to take a chance on losing everything I invested. To me it was exciting to think about but I also knew that a simple change in legislation could put a halt to everything that this new company was trying to do. Investing in companies that are on the cutting edge can be exciting but you also need to use some common sense. I know I surprised him when I told him that I would think about it instead of jumping at the opportunity immediately.

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