Big government once again is trying to hurt the small farmers

Although there is a need for change, some steps to take are easily difficult to pull off. Myself along with several of the other farming families in our region have come together, working to try to make things better for ourselves and our community! With the constant battle between market prices and the importing of fruits and vegetables, it’s more and more challenging to make ends meet. For that reason, we want to form a group that uses land to start a marijuana farm! This would be a co-op of sorts, and with recreational and medical marijuana both being legal here, it should be a profitable crop for sure. Combining the shared experience of several farmers, the success on the growing end is practically guaranteed! Consider the younger members that have experience in newer equipment and using computerized watering systems, too. With climate control, we’re eager to see this work out! The biggest issue we are facing now is with the fact that our local government refuses to rezone our farmland, to make the commercial property for this farm. The land would still be used for farming and such, though we plan to offer the products to retailers. Since that appears as a distributor instead of a farm, we’re now in the process of filing different paperwork to find a way around this is zoning law. Within the next several weeks, we will be able to begin operations… hopefully.