Prune your plants

It is actually important especially when growing cannabis plants indoors to have them pruned. A wonderful way to prune your plants is to split off all the lower branches so that you get a nice lollipop shape going. This will allow the cannabis plant to focus all its energy to the top of the plant and produce a much better harvest. When you have too multiple branches on the plant in the lower area, energy will be spread amongst all the branches and will cause the top to grow smaller buds. You really need to be able to focus all that energy to the top portion where the plant will get most of the light. When you are growing outdoors, this isn’t as much of a problem because all the parts of the plant will get a wonderful deal of sunlight and all the buds will be about the same size from the top to the bottom. Pruning is especially important if you choose to regenerator your plants because they will develop tons of new branches! Just make sure to prune accordingly so that you can have a actually strong plant with focused energy to the new buds being produced by the plant. If you don’t prune the regenerated plant, you will find that it is particularly filled with stems and you won’t get actually much for your next harvest. If you’re not going to prune, you might not even want to try regenerating a plant, unless you are only looking for new clones. When you are practicing pruning, you’ll learn in time how important it is to do it.

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