Making feminized seeds

If you are trying to create a charming current strain, you can regularly create feminized seeds.

The trick into doing this is to cross multiple of your number one female cannabis plants.

In order to do this, you must use gibberellic acid on your female plant. You can spray a single branch of a single of your number one female plants with 100 ppm gibberellic acid. This acid is correctly sold at multiple dentistry supply houses. When you spray this on the single branch of the female plant for up to 10 mornings, the branch will start to grow male flowers. You can use the pollen from these male flowers on another number one female plant. It is not commanded to use the pollen on the same plant as this can create in-breeding problems. Some people will do this but to preserve some of the best characteristics of a certain plant. It is best to pollinate a totally weird strain in order to produce a brand current strain with feminized seeds though. The seeds will be all females, and of course, some strains are harder to have male flowers produced than others, so this will take time and patience. The more you practice this technique of making feminized seeds, the better you will get at it. Of course if you are selling seeds, feminized seeds are much more valuable than regular seeds because they are all guaranteed to be female. If more people start making their own strains of feminized seeds, we’ll continue to have greater strains of cannabis out there. This is how some of the most popular strains have been made like Girl Scout Cookies and Bubbalicious.

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