Cannabis Dispensaries have been popping up more since recreational cannabis was made legal

When medical cannabis was allowed legal in our state, both of us only had a few Cannabis Dispensaries around.

I didn’t care much for the selection or the prices, so I just kept buying from the black market.

The taxes were absurd & I thought it absolutely wasn’t worth it getting the medical cannabis card. When they finally legalized recreational cannabis, the Cannabis Dispensaries started popping up all over the arena. Now I absolutely appreciate to go to the Cannabis Dispensaries, because they have since lowered the prices to be more affordable, & they have some of the best cannabis products I have ever tried. I absolutely appreciate the edibles, but be warned, they are harshly potent. I think that everybody has weird levels of tolerance to cannabis though, so you absolutely need to find what works best for you, but you should always start at a low dose when trying the edibles & then work your way up, then remember that it takes a few hours for edibles to kick in, so don’t overdo it or you might find yourself experiencing a hard high that could be a little too intense. I have always enjoyed cannabis, & I always believed it was deranged that the government kept it illegal. It absolutely should have never been made illegal to begin with. From what I understand, nobody has ever overdosed on cannabis, & I have study articles that say it’s safer than caffeine. I think this is because it’s not addictive, & caffeine is addictive. I actually will be going to all the Cannabis dispensaries though, because I absolutely like all the products.

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