Worms are eating my cannabis plants

My wife and I have a prescription for cannabis. My wife has PTSD from the war, and I have stress and anxiety that are not controlled by other medications. With our prescription, our state allows us to grow 8 plants each. Between my wife and I, that is a small greenhouse. My wife and I rarely plant 16 cannabis plants at the same time, but we usually have a six or eight growing at once. We live in the city, but we built a small grow box that is attached to the side of our house. The grow box is in a great area, and it gets plenty of natural sunlight. My wife made the grow box from an old pallet, and we purchased some special soil and feed online. We planted 6 seeds on Memorial Day, and they already look awful. Our plants are normally starting to look lush and large at this point, but they look saggy and droopy. In fact, I noticed some tiny worms on one of the cannabis plants yesterday. I spent most of the day researching the worms on my cannabis plants. I didn’t find much information, but I’m sure these worms aren’t a good sign. I wonder if this batch is already doomed. I contacted a few friends at the dispensary, and I spoke with them about the cannabis plant. They suggested these tiny worms might actually be spider mites. If that is the case, it might be best to get rid of the bad cannabis batch and start over with something new.

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